Message from Mrs. Johnson

Dear Amvet Families,

Welcome back for the 2020-2021 school year!  I am very excited to be teaching physical education to your child this year!  In order to make physical education a successful, safe, and enjoyable experience for your child, please read the following policies:

  • All students must wear comfortable athletic shoes that provide foot and ankle support.  If your child is wearing sandals, slippers, dress shoes, boots, or any other type of non-athletic shoe, please pack a pair of athletic shoes to be changed into for P.E.  For their safety and for the safety of others, students are not permitted to participate without athletic shoes.  In addition, please make sure your child wears comfortable clothes for P.E.  Please dress appropriately based on the weather.  P.E. will take place outdoors, weather permitting.
  • We understand there may be times that your child is unable to participate in physical education due to injuries or illnesses.  Please email or write a note if there is anything we need to be aware of.  In order to be excused from consecutive PE classes, a student must provide a doctor's note.  A student must be cleared to rejoin active participation.  Please send notes to your child's physical education teacher or Mrs. Pilozzi, school nurse.

Thank you for helping support your child in being prepared for physical education!  Looking forward to a great year!

Mrs. Johnson


If you have any questions or concerns please email me at