Corona Virus Info

The information regarding precations to be taken to prevent Corona Virus changes daily. Please refer to the NA Schools website for the most up to date information.

Also, you can refer to the MA DPH website- mass/gov website with daily updates. NAPS confers daily with local officials to discuss town and school management during this time. You can also check out the CDC web site for up to date information.

Things that you can do include the following:

1. Don't panic- be informed of the ever changing information and respond accordingly.

2. Hand washing, HAND WASHING, HANDWASHING!!!!! It can't be over stated. Wash several times a day for 20 seconds (singing Happy Birthday twice). Do this especially before eating, after using the bathroom, after coming in from outdoors- whenver you can. If soap and water is not available, use hand sanitizer.

3. Cover your cough and sneeze. Cough into your elbow and wash your hands ASAP.

4. Limit physical contact- avoid hand shaking- if someone is coughing/ sneezing etc., keep a 3-6 foot distance between you and them.

5. If you are sick- STAY HOME! see the Illness Guidelines!

6. Please report any illnesses to me- strep, flu, pneumonia etc.

7. If you have traveled out of the country, please let me know.

8. If you have questions- ASK- if I don't know, I'll help you to find the answers!

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