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Tournament Play from the Hockomock League

Tournament Play from the Hockomock League

October 23, 2020
It has been the primary goal of the Hockomock League Athletic Directors to make the Fall I Sports experience as normal as possible under these difficult COVID circumstances. We appreciate everyone’s efforts to give our student-athletes a competitive season within the game and spectator modifications that were issued from EEA, DESE, and MIAA. We thank our district School Committees and Superintendents for their support of these extracurricular programs. Our players, parents, coaches, officials, and media outlets have respected the rules of the game and the rules of the home venue to make this season a success.

On that note, it is with great enthusiasm that the Hockomock Athletic Directors announce that each Fall I sport will have a postseason championship. Golf and Cross Country will host their traditional single-event championships. In addition to the league division winner based upon regular season records, Field Hockey and Soccer will, for the first time, host a seeded, crossover league tournament, called the Hockomock Cup. These championship events will give our athletes a postseason lost by the cancellation of MIAA sectional and state tournaments. Please see the details below for the structure of each championship or tournament.

GOLF - The Hockomock Championship will be held at Franklin Country Club on Monday November 2. The championship begins with a modified shotgun start at 9:30am. The top three golfers from each high school team will participate. They will travel the course together to minimize school interaction during the course of play. Individual and team champions will be recognized.

Cross Country - On Saturday, November 14, the Hockomock Championship will be held at Highland Park in Attleboro. Each school will enter up to ten boys and ten girls to compete at the event. Health and safety of the participants will be our primary goal as we set the school and team start times with the purpose of minimizing school mixing. Individual and team champions will be recognized.

Field Hockey/Soccer – Beginning on/around November 12, these team sports will begin a seeded, crossover tournament at the Varsity level, with a JV game included between the two schools in each round. The final standings in each division, Kelley-Rex and Davenport, determine the opening round opponent in the opposite division for each school. The top four seeds in each division will compete in the Championship Bracket. Seeds 5 and 6 will play a Consolation Bracket. This guarantees each Varsity and JV squad two postseason games. The higher-seed will host the varsity game in each round of the tournament. Based upon field availability and timing, the JV game will most likely play at the opposite site. JV schedule mirrors varsity to minimize school interaction. There is no JV tournament. As the health and safety of our participants is paramount, and with the weekly published metrics guiding extracurricular decisions on a district by district basis, the Athletic Directors reserve the right to alter the Cup seeding and schedule as necessary.

Here is how the opening, quarterfinal round will look for Field Hockey, Boys and Girls Soccer.
(KR = Kelly Rex division seed, and Dav = Davenport division seed)

Quarterfinal Round
Game 1 / KR 1 vs Dav 4 @ KR 1
Game 2 / KR 3 vs Dav 2 @ Dav 2

Game 3 / KR 2 vs Dav 3 @ KR 2
Game 4 / KR 4 vs Dav 1 @ Dav 1

Semifinal Round
Game 5 / Game 1 winner vs Game 2 winner
Game 6 / Game 3 winner vs Game 4 winner

Semi Consolation
Game 7 / Game 1 loser vs Game 2 loser
Game 8 / Game 3 loser vs Game 4 loser

League Championship Game
Game 9 / Game 5 winner vs Game 6 winner


Consolation Bracket Opener
Game 10 / KR 6 vs Dav 5
Game 11 / KR 5 vs Dav 6

Consolation Bracket Final
Game 12 / Game 10 winner vs Game 11 winner
Game 13 / Game 10 loser vs Game 11 loser

Both of these brackets will guarantee our Varsity and JV teams two additional games on top of their regular season, and the final two teams will vie for the right to be crowned League Champion in a true championship game.

The Athletic Directors believe each of these championships will give a positive conclusion to each of our Fall I seasons. We remain hopeful and optimistic that our Winter, Fall 2, and Spring programs can compete this school year as well.

The Hockomock League ADs

Mark Houle, Attleboro Danny Erickson, Canton
Joe Cusack, Foxboro Tom Angelo, Franklin
Gary Brown, King Philip Mike Redding, Mansfield
Peter Boucher, Milford Kurt Kummer, North Attleboro
Bill Matthews, Oliver Ames Nick Schlierf, Sharon
Ryan Donahue, Stoughton Mark Ottavianelli, Taunton