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Personal Items Needed for Athletics

Dear Parents,

As you are aware, due to Covid-19 students will not be using lockers this year.  Below is information regarding what students should have in their gym bags.

Personal Items Needed for Athletics

Locker Rooms – Should not be used during higher Risk Levels. Students should report to workouts in proper gear and immediately return home to shower, clean clothing, and equipment at the end of every workout.  NAHS student athletes on remote days must arrive for all practices and contests already changed into their practice gear/uniform and ready to play. We will allow students to change in the locker room after school on days they are in school.  No lockers will be available and they must bring everything with them to practice. 

Personal Items – It is recommended that each athlete bring their own gym bag for personal items (see gym bag information below). All personal items should remain in the gym bag when not in use. Gym bags should be placed in a predetermined area 6 feet apart for the duration of practice.

Supplies recommended for your personal gym bag:

Bags will be able to be dropped off and stored in the concession stand in the morning before school.  Bags will not be touchinging while they are stored.  Bags  will be sprayed with an aerosol disinfectant while in storage in the morning.  Students will not have access to their bags until 1:49 before practice.
A reusable facial mask – The mask/face covering must be worn at all times.  Sport specific modification may have further guidance for face coverings.
Warm-up clothing, electronic devices, and other personal items that are used by the athlete, prior to practice/competition, must be placed back in the gym bag before practice/competition begins.
Athletes are recommended to always have a personal bottle of hand sanitizer available.  There will be less chance of possible cross contamination and less time standing around waiting to use a shared hand sanitizer.  Be sure to have this inside a sealable bag, in case it leaks. This will be used when you enter and exit the practice/competition site, and at other necessary times in between.
Athletes are recommended to have disinfectant wipes for personal use. When using a restroom area, it is best to disinfect any surface that may be touched, before and after using the facilities.
Athletic braces, tape, inhalers, or any other sports-medical item used before, during or after practice/meets should be stored in a personal gym bag when not in use.
Additional shoes should also be stored in a separate compartment or bag inside a gym bag to prevent possible cross contamination with other items in the gym bag.
Any other item that is deemed necessary for practice or competition must be stored in the gym bag when it is not being used

Shoes, clothing, towels, and other personal items must not be shared among athletes. Any items that are not currently being worn/used should be stored inside a personal gym bag. Gym bags should be placed in a predetermined area 6 feet apart for the duration of practice/competition.

**Everything inside the gym bag must be disinfected after every practice and before the return to practice.. Be sure to spray the inside and the outside of the bag as well. This is for everyone’s protection.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (508) 643-2115 or email me at

Thank you,
Kurt Kurmmer, Director of Athletics