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Question-When is good news most effective?  

Answer-When everyone hears it and is inspired by its message.

It’s no secret that we don’t hear or read a lot of positives in our daily news. In an attempt to reverse that trend, I am announcing the construction of a community initiative to highlight the good news of our schools, its students and its employees.

Created by a focus group under my supervision, this initiative will appear in the form of a Facebook page located at with a monthly “Praise Prompt.” For example, October’s Praise Prompt asks you to share an uplifting experience that made your child’s (or your neighbor’s child) first month of school positive.

I have requested that you limit your responses to 50 words or less which will make them more equitable and more likely to be read.

Whether you presently have a child in the North schools or not, these are our friends, neighbors and community. Let’s see and share the best of our community. Join me in this community initiative by visiting the site and contributing today!

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