The following guidelines have been established for the purpose of having an orderly and safe parking process at the high school:

    • Students are not allowed to park in the parking area in front of the high school  at door #1.  These spaces are reserved for administrative staff and visitors
      • Student parking is a privilege restricted to senior and junior students only.  Sophomores may park only after the current senior class graduates.
      • Parking in the gym lot will be restricted to staff and senior students.  Senior student parking in the gym lot is available on a “first-come, first-serve basis.”  Junior students will park in the rear of the Middle School parking lot abutting Landry Avenue.

    All seniors and juniors parking on school grounds will need a “student parking tag.”  In order to receive a “student parking tag,” students must fill out the student parking registration form that will be available during the first week of school.  Students must be in possession of a valid Massachusetts driver’s license.  After completion of the form, including signatures of the student and parent/guardian, the form must be returned to the Main Office.  The student will then receive their “student parking tag.” 

    • The “student parking tag” must be clearly displayed on the rearview mirror of the vehicle and must be visible at all times. 
    • Any student who fails to register and/or display their “student parking tag” will be subject to the consequences detailed in the Student Handbook including the revoking of parking privileges and the risk of having the vehicle towed from school grounds.

    Students who register and receive a “student parking tag” agree to the following:

    • To observe all local traffic regulations while on school grounds.
    • To arrive to school on time.  Chronic tardiness may result in the loss of parking privileges.
    • To not block any school driveways.
    • To not drive recklessly by speeding, revving engines or squealing brakes.
    • To lock the car at all times, as the high school assumes no responsibility for the vehicle or its contents.
    • To not loiter around the cars before or after school.

           Juniors parking in the Middle School lot agree to the following:

    • To park in the designated area.
    • To not enter the Middle School building at any time.
    • To allow ample time for walking from the lot to their first period class.

    Student cars are subject to searches with reasonable suspicion, including at off-campus school events.