• Hello there,

    This webpage does have some helpful information (which is especially helpful for you before you start school) however, I will be using Google Classroom as the place where you will find links and other important information.  This webpage will likely not be editted very often.


    Looking for something?  Try the Google Classroom

    Still can't find it? send me an email!

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  • Weekly Online Homework Links and Expectations

    1. Read Theory Link

    Expectation: Complete 3 Read Theory Assignments each week (Monday to Sunday)

    Directions: You will have from Monday to Sunday to pick three nights and complete ONE Read Theory assignment to the best of your ability.  You should find a nice quiet place to read you passage, I always suggest reading it out loud, and complete the questions that follow.  You should not do more than 1 a day.  You can choose to do more than 3 a week if you'd like but remember to do your best work.


    2. Xtra Math Link

    Expectation: Complete 3 separate nights of XtraMath (Monday to Sunday)

    Directions: You have 1 week to complete 3 separate nights of XtraMath.  Your session is complete when the XtraMath Teacher says, "You're Done for Today. Don't forget to hit Sign Out."  Once you've completed the VERY first day of XtraMath, it should only take you 5-10 minutes to complete each day after that.  Just don't forget, you have to keep going until he tells you to hit the Sign Out button!

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