• Connections


    Making Connections deepens our understanding and helps us bring meaning to the text. Connections help us understand:

    • How a character feels
    • The Setting
    • The problem in the text
    • Why a character does something
    • New information
    • A characters thinking

    3 Types of Connections

    Text-to-Self - A connections between the book and your life experiences.

    •  "I felt the wat the main character does in this story when..."
    • "What happened to the main character is similar to what happened to me when..."


    Text-to-Text - A connection between the book and another book/text you have read.

    • "The (main character/problem/solution/lesson/setting) in this story reminds me of the text ______________ because..."
    • "The way the story is written reminds me of the text..."


    Text-to-World - A connection between the book and events in the real world.

    • "This book make me think about...because..."
    • "I know about this because..."